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Miss Olivia is quite possibly the happiest baby I have ever met. She was just about four months old during our shoot, so she was wide-eyed and ready to go! Thank goodness, because her sweet blue eyes just melt your heart. She also recently mastered the head-lift, and I was pretty stoked that she decided to share that with me. Oh, and Olivia also has the sweetest parents you could possibly imagine. She’s going to be the coolest girl ever. Thanks for sharing your afternoon with me, Olivia!

Black and white newborn Smiling newborn Mom kissing newbornOP_0008Newborn baby lifting head OP_0006 OP_0007Thanks so much for stopping by! xo, Courtney

This is how you {pickle}.

This year, my husband decided to begin gardening. This makes me happy for many reasons. In the past, he has not been a vegetable-eating person. With the exception of carrots – and I don’t even like carrots (womp, womp). But with planting your own veggies, you almost have no choice but to partake of their goodness. And wouldn’t you know it, James has started to eat more veggies!

His plan has been to can most of what we harvest (because he planted copious amounts of vegetables), and if all goes according to plan, we won’t have to purchase any vegetables throughout the winter (another reason this makes me so happy)! James decided to practice the canning process by making pickles (which are one of my most favorite foods… ever). DISCLAIMER: these scrumptious mini cucumbers are not from our garden. Ours are still growing ;-)

I chose to document James’ first attempt at pickling/canning. I feel it was worth the elbow nudges and repeated requests to get out of the way. I hope you agree!

Cutting pickling pickles Dill and garlic pickle ingredients Mason jars and making pickles Making pickles

Thanks for stopping by! xo, Courtney

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