New Hampshire Photographer | Winter with a Puppy

January in New Hampshire. It’s chilly. It’s snowy. My husband and I aren’t skiiers, snowboarders, or skaters. Potentially sounds terrible. I mean, if you gave us a hill and a sled, we’d totally be sledders, and I know for certain that if challenged, I could be a pretty sweet snow-angel-maker. But we have a very rambunctious German Shorthaired Pointer puppy {Riley} on our hands, and she needs all the running, jumping, sniffing, and romping she can get. So we get out, even if I haven’t been challenged to a snow angel making contest. Sometimes we freeze. Sometimes we shiver. All the time we look forward to a mug {or two} of hot chocolate. Riley loves it. We love it {we love warmth a little better, but that’s on its way}. And winter in New Hampshire is a beautiful thing.

January_0010 January_0011January_0008

Stay warm! xo, Courtney

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