{Q} Who ARE you?

{A} My name is Courtney Nylen and my photography business is based out of New Hampshire!


{Q} Okay, so, why is your business titled Courtney Heath Photography?

{A} Heath is my maiden name, and I chose to keep it in my business name as a tribute to my dad, who was one of my biggest fans :-)


{Q} What’s your style?

{A} I am primarily a lifestyle photographer. This pretty much means that I believe in artistically capturing the most true-to-life images possible; images that reflect the moment in which they were captured and stir in you all of those emotions you were feeling when you look back at them years later. I believe in using natural light as much as possible, wide apertures, and delightful bokeh.


{Q} What kinds of sessions do you shoot?

{A} I have experience shooting many types of sessions, but to give you an idea, I focus on weddings, engagements, maternity, family & child portrait sessions :-)


{Q} Did you go to school for photography?

{A} Nope! I graduated from The University of Vermont in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Ha!


{Q} How long have you been doing this whole photography thing?

{A} I’ve always had a love for photography and I remember getting my first camera when I was three! Clearly, I’ve upgraded my equipment since then ;-) I photographed my first wedding in 2008 {as a second shooter}, and the following summer {2009} I photographed my first wedding as the primary shooter! I feel as though I have grown SO much since then {thankfully}, and I am super grateful for all of the people that have trusted and blessed me with the opportunity to document their memories for them!


{Q} Nikon or Canon?

{A} I shoot Nikon, but have great respect for Canon and hope to own both someday!


{Q} Film or digital?

{A} Most of my work is shot digitally, however I love to play around with my dad’s old Mamiya camera :-) I just love the look of film and believe that no digital image can compare to the timeless feel that film offers.


{Q} How can I ask you another question or book a session?

{A} Wellll, you can contact me at courtneyheathphotography@gmail.com or send a message here! Thanks for asking ;-)

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